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Product Details

LUX Loly Bench Left


Dimensions: 44.0”W x 18.0”D x 31.0”H

The LOLY Right and Left Sofa Benches feature a continuous curve of upholstery over LUX™ , that form both the back and the seat of the bench, making for a unique coned corner and stunning center reveal. A compelling graphic from every view, the sweeping form of the bench is derived from the extraordinary ability of LUX™ to bend along complex curves and its remarkable strength to be used as a structural material. The LOLY benches are designed as mirrored halves that can be used individually as accent seating, combined end-to-end to form an extended unit or arranged together as complimenting pieces of a set.

LUX™ is a sustainable material, made of fast growing plant fibers. It is heat, scratch, and mold resistant, as strong as MDF, lighter, has no added formaldehyde, and can be dyed to be any color.

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