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Made in collaboration between Maria Yee, Inc. and BASF, LUX is far more sustainable than existing wood materials, composed of bast plant fibers such as flax, jute, hemp, kenaf, and sisal. These five fast growing plants do not contribute to deforestation and do not compete with human food chain supply. LUX panels are natural to the touch and dense with texture, featuring a beautiful, organic coloration. Take a look at our LUX designs here.

Maria Yee’s premiere LUX furniture and lighting collections showcase the wide range of possibilities for this material. Maria Yee and BASF have been working together to perfect the material for furniture applications and are proud to introduce such an innovative material to the industry.

LUX has unique design capabilities which cannot be achieved by most other single materials. Maria Yee's collection includes pieces which have been steam molded, miter folded, cut on CNC routers, and dyed. Steam molding LUX allows for curved shapes without any water damage and it can be dyed to be any color.

Solely within the furniture industry, LUX has performance results to rival MDF, plastic, and plywood and could replace them in a multitude of applications. In addition to a low VOC profile, natural fiber composites offer significant weight reduction of furniture, minimizing the shipping cost and damage which lowers the net cost of production. Through intelligent design LUX can achieve the performance of an MDF board while contributing to a significant weight drop. A LUX board is approximately 60% less dense, which can result in up to a 90% weight decrease when compared to an MDF board. When immersed and saturated with water, LUX panel thickness may increase but the panel will recover to its original dimensions and dryness after being removed. MDF will warp and distort when subjected to the same conditions. LUX rivals and surpasses traditional furniture making materials with its low emissions, moisture performance, and mold resistance.

As the need for sustainable materials rises and becomes required by the furniture industry, LUX will provide an intelligent solution.