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In 2005, Maria Yee, Inc. introduced BambooTimbre™, a patented renewable material specifically designed as an alternative to solid hardwood. BambooTimbre is made 100 percent from pressed Moso bamboo. Moso can be harvested in a five year cycle and regenerate from its original cluster. According to the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), “rapidly renewable” is defined as products that originate from plants that are harvested within a 10 year cycle.

BambooTimbre is also naturally thermo-regulating: it’s cool to the touch in the heat, and holds on to warmth in the cold, making it a cozy addition to the home year-round. Harder than red oak, it is resilient against the scratches and wear of everyday life.

Tested against EN717-1 standards, which measure formaldehyde content in wood-based panels, BambooTimbre’s levels are so low they are undetectable.

Durable, eco-friendly, and visually stunning, Maria Yee’s BambooTimbre is a material for the modern age. Combining the natural strength of bamboo with new technology, it presents a new level of quality and sophistication.

Bamboo Timbre