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Maria Yee, Inc. is dedicated to serving its communities not only through its commitment to the environment, but also with respect and equal treatment of all individuals. Maria Yee, Inc. hires without discriminating gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, age or race.

At home in California, Maria Yee employees receive competitive pay, 401K plan with company contribution, flexible work hours tailored to each employee's needs as well as health insurance for the whole family, with the company paying 99% of each person's insurance premium. We support our schools, hospital and various charities.

In China, Maria Yee employees are paid living wages with retirement benefits, subsidized room and board plus on the job training. We also work with local communities to better the environment and their livelihood.

Job Opening:        Product Designer
Job Duties:

  • Assisting in creating sketches of ideas and detailed drawings for new designs for Maria Yee's various brands and customers

  • Generating sample designs using computer-aided design (CAD), card models, sketches or hard prototypes; using software packages such as Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks and Photoshop

  • Modification/adjustment on Maria Yee's various brand assortments as per the customer's needs;

  • Assist in administration and providing hands-on support of product development, product standards, and sales and marketing preparation work such as design documentation, augmentation and revision of product standards, and maintenance of finish/fabric/leather samples;

  • Modify the current designs according to the feedback received by the customers and improve furniture items already manufactured;

  • Update the online and printed graphic designs for marketing purposes;

  • With the assistance from senior staff, evaluate feasibility of design ideas, based on factors such as appearance, safety, function, serviceability, budget, production costs/methods, and market characteristics;

  • Assist in new material selections and negotiating contracts with suppliers;

  • Participate in the meetings to discuss designs with clients for custom ordering or with manufacturers;

  • Prepare detailed final designs; liaising with craftsmen or production department staff - such as production managers, marketing staff and design engineers - about the process of construction or manufacture;

  • With assistance, evaluate issues such as pricing and fixing costs, fashion, purchasing, safety, materials and manufacturing methods and techniques;

  • Use various tools to complete projects from raw materials to finished furniture items;

  • Assist in organizing plans and schedules with respect to the availability of resources;

  • Coordinate with customers model home/showroom product selection, interior design and review, recommendations for and communications with the customers;

  • Participate in new product planning or market research, including studying the potential need for new products;

  • Study, research and plan various styles of furniture design; staying informed about design trends and developments; and

  • Attend workshops, seminars and training on various types of manufacturing and furniture design.

Job Requirements:
Job Entails working with & requires a Master's Degree in Industrial Design, Accessory Design, Furniture Design, Product Design or equivalent degree with 1 year of experience including Factory Project Management, New Material Development, Product Ideation & Sketching, Product Engineering & Testing, Client/ Factory Communication, Development & Prototyping.

Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training, or experience. This should be read to mean that the employer requires: Master's degree in Industrial Design, Accessory Design, Furniture Design, Product Design or equivalent degree with 1 year of experience in the job offered, Product Designer, Furniture Designer, Product Development Manager or equivalent.

To apply, please mention Job Code MY01 and mail resume to: Maria Yee, Inc., 1939 Monterey Road, Suite 8, San Jose, CA 95112.