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Our solid wood and BambooTimbre furniture is protected with our uniquely formulated finishes. The Nicia Oil finish not only delivers ecological benefits (low VOCs and no added formaldehyde), but also possess high scratch resistance and exceptional durability.

Nicia Oil

A proprietary plant-based oil finish, Nicia Oil has been used for thousands of years. Nicia Oil is renowned for its effectiveness as a sealant, used in traditional Chinese woodwork, waterproofing wooden buckets, and even protecting wooden ships from the erosive power of the sea. Many woodworkers consider Nicia Oil to be one of the best natural finishes for wood.

Maria Yee’s Nicia Oil is hand-rubbed and meticulously applied on solid wood surfaces to produce a durable golden tint, revealing the rich grain and naturally varying color of every unique piece of Maria Yee furniture. Maria Yee processes its wood minimally so that it retains its natural texture and knots.

Unlike other oil finishes, Nicia Oil is far more durable, resistant to spills and stains from fruits, vegetables, water, and acids. Everything from red wine, to hot sauce, to vinegar, to olive oil, to ketchup, can be wiped away with just a damp cloth without staining. The Nicia Oil is optimized for the wear-and-tear of tough, daily use. Host parties and enjoy the happy mayhem of family gatherings without worrying about your furniture - no need to be too cautious.

Maria Yee’s Nicia Oil penetrates into the wood fiber to form a flexible, protective coating that sustains many years of normal use with very minimal maintenance.

Unlike other oil finishes, no frequent refinishing is required. In the event repair becomes necessary, spots can be patched with commonly available low-gloss oil finishes like Danish wood oil, with no stripping required.

Care Instructions
• Dust furniture regularly.
• Wipe it clean as needed with a soft dry cloth. Go gently along the grain.
• Place felt pads on items that may scratch hardwood surfaces.
• Avoid direct exposure to the sun and do not use outdoors. To prevent damage to wood,do not expose furniture to heat sources such as radiators and spotlights. Use potholders or trivets under hot food.
• Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning products as they may soften the finish with repeated use. (Caution: Many common household cleaners contain ammonia)
• For regular cleaning, use lukewarm water and mild soap or use a solution of one ounce of white vinegar for each quart of water.
• Nicia Oil is water-resistant, not waterproof. Clean up spills with a fresh absorbent cloth quickly and thoroughly. To remove slight stains, use a lukewarm water solution with mild soap. Sponge the surface sparingly, evenly and quickly.

No stripping is required even to refinish a larger area.
• Low-gloss oil finishes such as Danish wood oil may be used for refinishing.
Follow instructions on container.
• Rub onto surface with a clean lint-free cloth and let soak for up to 30 minutes.
• Wipe off excess and let dry.
• Allow cloth to dry flat before disposal.