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Ventura Leather

A top grain leather with a stain resistant semi-aniline finish, this leather is vegetable and mineral tanned for an excellent balance of firmness and flexibility. It is thick, durable, pleasant to the touch and will become softer and patina beautifully with use. Possessing a smooth yet natural look – it displays unique characteristics such as wrinkles, healed scars, and grain variation. This leather has been used for equestrian equipment, footwear, motorcycle jackets, luxury car seats, and increasingly, high end furniture. 










European Polished Bonded Leather

Our European polished bonded leather is produced by a Western European tannery which complies with strict environmental regulations. It is made with a combination of high-end vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leather. It contains a minimum of 65% leather fibers reclaimed from post-industrial sources. It is long lasting and has a supple, silky feel. The polished bonded leather is finished to create rich, deep color characteristic of superior full grain leather.

Uniquely pressed to display the bold look of bull leather, our polished bonded leather rivals the look and feel of quality full grain vegetable-tanned leather. However, the polished bonded leather offers a much better user experience for heavily used seating. This leather exceeds European automotive upholstery requirements for resistance to humidity and high temperature.


Heritage Leather

To handcraft a leather piece that is as comfortable as it is beautiful, Maria Yee ensures all the hides are of the highest quality and are never stretched to make a larger cover. Our Heritage™ leather is aniline-dyed for a soft, luxurious hand by a tannery with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification. Aniline penetrates the hide and ages well with use. Less desirable techniques only paint the surface. Only the best quality leather, about 5 percent of all hides, can be aniline dyed.






Vegetable Tanned Leather

Our  Legato vegetable-tanned leather is the finest from a European tannery with ISO 14001  Environmental Management System certification. Tannins, found in roots, tree  bark and other plant matter are used to convert rawhide into leather. This  process eliminates the use of heavy metals. Vegetable tannins produce leather  that has a substantial look and feel, becomes softer with use and ages  gracefully. The rawhide for our vegetable-tanned leather comes from small  European farms, where the cattle are given the best of care. The cattle are not  branded and never kept in barbed wire fences. Natural character on the leather  surface includes neck wrinkles, stretch marks, healed scars, and grain  variation. The leather softens and develops a beautiful patina with time. The  art of vegetable tanning has been refined and passed down through generations.  Today, it is one of the most eco-friendly tanning methods. At Maria Yee, we  honor the past and protect our future by creating beautiful eco-friendly  furniture that will last for generations.



Supra Leather

Industry leaders have joined Maria Yee to create this exclusive leather for furniture which is unmatched in texture, appearance and green production methods. Its beauty starts with sourcing the highest quality materials at the beginning of the creation process. We only accept leather made from European hides that are raised on small farms and never branded. Only the top 10% to 15% of hide meet our stringent standards. We believe in harnessing innovative technology that bolster factories to produce in the greenest way possible, be it with solar power and renewable energy, or recycled water and strict minimums on waste control.



Indigo Mist





Paloma Leather

This top-grain leather is sourced responsibly from end to end of the supply chain. From responsible farming methods to an innovative, sustainable tannery which uses far less water than traditional methods and largely runs on solar power, this leather is of the highest quality both aesthetically and ethically. The tough and durable surface, with little to no markings, offers high-performance and low maintenance. This leather is stain resistant, easily cleaned, and has a naturally smooth texture for long lasting comfort.







Norden Leather

A luxurious, top-grain leather in exquisitely soft color tones. With a silky hand-feel and little to no markings, this leather is sleek and sophisticated. Produced using industry best practices to reduce environmental impact by applying water efficient technologies during the tanning process and manufactured in a Leather Working Group Gold Rated Tannery. 


Dark Grey

Deep Blue

Deep Green