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myLUX is the future of furnishing products and a wellness solution for the next generation of urban living.

Joining forces with BASF, we are developing innovative materials to support sustainable, holistic design that affect how spaces and objects impact the human experience.

After years of research, we are thrilled to introduce LUX, a new material category, to the furniture industry. What makes this material extraordinary is its light weight, durability, good resistance to mold and competitive pricing. In addition to a low VOC profile, it is composed of five bast plant fibers (flax, jute, hemp, kenaf, and sisal) that do not contribute to deforestation nor compete with human food chain supply.

Sustainability is at the forefront of myLUX. We use cutting edge materials such as LUX because it surpasses the sustainability of existing wood materials without compromising durability and sturdiness. The material is approximately 60% less dense, which can result in up to 90% weight decrease when compared to a solid wood board. When immersed and saturated with water, the panel’s thickness may increase yet it will recover to its original dimensions and dryness after being removed. These features have also gained the confidence of the automobile industry, where the material has been incorporated into production for companies such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.

While myLUX collections are portable and significantly lighter, they remain sturdy and stable as well. The material is natural to the touch and dense with texture, featuring a beautiful, organic coloration. Our designs are innovative—just like the materials we use. In an ongoing effort, myLUX is effectively innovating design with new manufacturing methods that increase automation so that we may have the capability to offer custom made, high quality and affordable products.

Our intention at myLUX is to positively impact how people furnish their living spaces. The personal, social and economic desire for holistic design, sustainability and wellness has become a given in the furniture industry. We offer myLUX as the intelligent solution to this ever growing demand.