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Water-based Finishes

Water-based Finishes

Water-based finishes are used on wood species and BambooTimbre™. Water-based Polyurethane is used to finish steel products. These finishes are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and contain no added formaldehyde. The water-based finishes for wood and bamboo have a rich appearance that rival traditional oil-based lacquer finishes. The water-based polyurethane finish excels equally as the traditional polyurethane, only better for the environment.

The finish material, when combined with our proprietary application process, creates a high-quality, rich-looking, durable and environmentally sound solution that is exclusive to Maria Yee, Inc.

Third party testing confirms that the finishes are in compliance with all U.S. and European standards for reportable lead and other heavy metals. Our wood and bamboo finishes show there is no lead detected. These tests are repeated periodically.

Advantages and Characteristics
• Waterborne finish
• Free of hazardous air pollutants
• Very low VOC’s (as low as one-third of what is allowed by SCAQMD)
• Outstanding adhesion
• Controlled balance between scratch-resistance and impact resistance
• Non-yellowing
• Excellent transparency
• Resistant to high temperature up to 70 degree Co
• Stain resistant (including coffee, tea, soy sauce, red wine)